About Us

Tip Top Groomers was established in 1994 in Hout Bay and offers a complete, professional grooming service. Our team has more than 60 years combined experience in pet grooming.

Our services include:

  • dogbathwashing in mild herbal shampoo or special medicated shampoo of your choice
  • dip for ticks and fleas with every grooming
  • nail clipping
  • breed specific cuts
  • pick up and drop off service
  • cat grooming (including shaving of Persians and other long-haired cats)
  • Hout Bay “Beach Special”  – quick rinse and towel dry
  • Green Grooming – we use natural, holistic products by Vondi’s
  • Tip Top Shop – we stock pet accessories, products and toys at competitive prices

We look forward to welcoming you to our new-look Tip Top Dog & Cat Grooming Parlour – a pet shop that offers real advice, with a focus on bringing our customers a variety of products and services at fair prices.

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We use natural, holistic products by Vondi's